ABOUT: Espresso Beatz

We are a family owned business with the love for Coffee, Music & Parties. We have been doing coffee for over 15 years and decided to work towards our passion and created something fun and exciting.

Espresso Beatz was born in 2015.

1st “The Coffee Cart”

A Portable Coffee Machine which comes with an experienced Barista to suit all Events.

2nd “The Ice Cube”

A Portable Fridge/Bar to suit all Parties, Weddings, and Social Gathering.

3rd “The Party Trailer”

Hitch it up and drive away with options for cooking and storage

Most important part of Espresso Beatz is in the last word “BEATZ” what’s a party without Beatz?

No party at all!!!!

All carts & trailer have an epic sound system and that’s our signature.

Not only do we offer Coffee and these great systems to hire, but we also plan parties/events to keep your time free to ENJOY the party!!

All Carts & Trailers are personally Built & Designed by Matt Luks Founder of Espresso Beatz.

Espresso Beatz: The Party Trailer

Welcoming the 3rd Edition to the Espresso Beatz Family “The Party Trailer”

What is The Party Trailer you ask?

Well you can say it’s a Party on Wheels….


Your Choice of a 6x Gas Burner BBQ or EddieQBBQ Charcoal Cooker.

It has an 975L Cool-Room Storages, 104L Water Storage for drinking and washing. A Huge Storage container at the front where the main controls are, it’s also for BBQ utensils and other equipment.

A hidden sound system which only come out to play with a push of a buttons & an Epic Light and Laser Show like no other.

Music can be played through USB, Bluetooth Phone Devices, iPods, iPads & MP3 Player and it also comes with an AUX Input.

That’s not all, the best part about this Trailer is not only is it portable it’s also Self-Powered with Built-In Batteries and Solar to keep it charged up for even a longer period.

This is what I call an Epic Party Machine you can literally take anywhere you want. It Packs and locks up away nicely for easy transportation, then turns into a Party on Wheels.

Espresso Beatz: The Ice Cube

Introducing the 2nd Edition to the Espresso Beatz Family “The Ice Cube Cart”

What is The Ice Cube Cart you ask?

Well you can say it’s a Portable Bar….

With the capacity to store 14 Cartons in the 475L Fridge and also doubles up as a Bar Counter Top to service your choice of Drink for the guests.

But you don’t have to use the fridge for drinks, you can store cold meats, Salads for BBQs and it’s even big enough to store a Full-size Lamb waiting to be roasted. Plus, did I mention it’s Portable?

it has a 270-degree light show display of all the colours in the rainbow or solid colours, and it has an epic sound system to top it off. It wouldn’t be an Espresso Beatz machine without the Beatz.

Powered by a 240V inlet you can take this anywhere and have your drinks & food cold to party the night away.

Music can be played through USB, Bluetooth Phone Devices, iPods, iPads & MP3 Player and it also comes with an AUX Input.

It will be the centre of attention where all guests will be mingling and dancing the night away.

Length: 1625mm

Width: 1190mm

Height: 1200mm

Espresso Beatz: The Coffee Cart

What do you get when you mix Coffee & Music together??

“ESPRESSO BEATZ” that’s what.

What is “ESPRESSO BEATZ” you say?

It’s a mobile Coffee Cart with a two-group head coffee machine, grinder and fridge.

The Cart itself has flashing lights, a light box, smoke machine, 4 x 6×9 speakers facing in all directions and a 12″ Sub-Woofer. All built into one!!!

It’s a party on wheels you can take anywhere with a hit a caffeine to top it off!!

The Light Box Sign can be changed to one of our pre-designed signs or you can customise your own to make it personal.

What kind of music do we play you ask??

Well that depends on you. You get to create your own playlist. With whatever songs you have on your computer. Just transfer them onto a USB or we can play straight off any Phone Devices, iPods, iPads & mp3 Players as long they have an AUX Input or Bluetooth.

Length: 1350mm

Width: 1100mm

Height: 1650