Espresso Beatz: The Coffee Van

Going back to the day Espresso Beatz was born, introducing our 4th edition to the Espresso Beatz Family.
The Coffee Van:

Before The Coffee Cart, there was a Van, and now it’s Back, Smaller and even more, compacted than the last.

We’re running a Saber 7500W Electric Start Generator with a customs build Soundproof enclosure to run our two-group head Coffee Machine & Grinder.

There are 2x 12V Fridges bring powered with our Dual Battery System with Solar Input to keep them charged up and there are also 2x 60L Water Tanks.

Offering the same services as The Coffee Cart but with a little more options, Your choice from our famous EBeatz Coffees & Dessert, Monday to Friday, Vietrolls & Pies & Pastry on selective days, straight to your Business Door